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 Since 2015, Arrows Christian Homeschool Community has been serving Southern Oregon by providing programs and events that support, encourage, and equip homeschool parents and students. We were excited to expand our mission in 2019 to include a unique program that provides an affordable alternative to traditional private schooling options. Additionally, this program provides a truly remarkable partnership with homeschool parents to provide respite and accountability to those who need it.

We invite you to discover our unique "hybrid program" and

to join our Christ-centered community!


Experience the benefits of homeschooling combined with the structure of a small classroom setting where students learn and play together.

We are currently enrolling for PreK-8th grade. Students spend Tuesday and Thursday of each week in grade-level classes (often blend of 2 grades in one classroom) on campus. Using Arrows Academy’s curriculum lists, the classroom instructor for each grade creates lesson plans for use both at home and on campus. These tools give parents academic support and assist them in their role as their children's primary instructor as they teach at home the other three days of the week.  In this unique program, the parent-teacher and the on-campus instructor work as a team to provide a multi-faceted learning experience.  


(Our Grants Pass location does not currently offer PreK)

     PreK- Kindergarten                  (8:30am-12:00pm)               Average Class Size: 10-12

            (must be fully potty trained)

    1st-8th grade                          (8:30am-2:40pm)               Average Class Size: 12-15 

    After care from 12:00pm-2:40pm is available for PreK & Kindergarten for an additional fee.

What Parents Are Saying

"We are so thankful for Arrows Academy. It's been amazing watching our son thrive and grow. To be able to have him experience school with classmates while keeping God as the center of his education has been a huge blessing."    ~Erica H.

"My kids absolutely love Arrows Academy! I saw them not only grow socially and academically, but saw their faith and love for the Lord increase. We love the balance of private school and homeschool, it fit perfectly for our family. We are looking forward to the upcoming year and are so thankful Arrows Academy is available for us!"    ~Jessi L.

Bible Based Program 

Our Bible-based program places a strong focus on character and each student's development of their unique strengths. We start each school day with prayer and Bible lessons. Our Academy Scope and Sequence for all grades include detailed character trait lessons--with an emphasis on learning to be more like Christ with His help.

We do not offer formal grades or report cards and we do not focus on standardized test scores. Instead, we believe in cultivating a love of learning, reading and growing academically, socially and spiritually. 

Strong Academics 

Based on award winning homeschool curriculum, Arrows Academy provides a high quality academic schedule that challenges students while still allowing them to shine in their own, unique way. Our curriculum scope and sequence for each grade ensures students cover a wide range of topics each year in all of the major subjects including language arts, math, science and history. Teachers design monthly, easy-to-follow lesson plans for parents/students to continue their learning on their home days. To learn specific details about our curriculum, email amie.blore@arrowschc.com

Rich Electives 

In addition to core academics, we are pleased to weave enriching elective classes throughout our class days. Our  scheduled electives include:

  • Art--Including studies of well known artists and their works
  • PE--Focusing on fundamental skills, team building, crossing the midline activities, cooperation and fun!
  • Music--We are pleased to offer classes that teach basic music theory, rhythm, as well as singing for our Christmas  program. 
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